11 Best Teva Sandals

If you’re exploring nature, the right pair of shoes is essential – especially if your journey involves water.

From a stroll by the shoreline to cautiously navigating rock-covered streams, various types of footwear are required for each terrain. With the appropriate gear, it’s just what you need to immerse yourself in outdoor recreation!

Teva provides a fantastic selection of shoes for any aquatic activity, from water sandals to traditional sneakers.

Our Top Teva Sandal Pick: Teva Hurricane XLT2

With an array of vibrant colors and patterns available, you can let your style shine no matter the occasion.

But more importantly, these shoes offer enhanced traction on wet or slippery surfaces that are also quick-drying and incredibly comfortable with excellent stability. When durability is key Teva has your back.

If you love exploring the outdoors and plan to traverse unfamiliar terrain, make sure to bring along some trusty Teva shoes.

These comfortable and stylish kicks will ensure that your feet are properly outfitted in any situation. With Texas on your side, nothing can stop you from having a great adventure.

Our Favorite Sandals Of the Teva Brand

Teva Hurricane XLT2


Teva’s water shoes are simply stellar, perfect for both water sports and strolls. With so many playful, crazy or understated colors and patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal pair that suits your style!


  • Trademarked strapping system with multiple adjustable points to secure your foot.
  • Quick-drying recycled materials from plastic bottles and polyester yarn.
  • Simple hook-and-loop closure for easy use on and off. 


Teva sandals are a fan favorite for good reason! With a burly rubber sole providing fantastic grip and an EVA midsole offering sublime cushioning, comfort, and shock absorption – these shoes have it all.

Plus, they feature three distinct areas with adjustable Velcro straps to ensure your foot is held in place securely: toes & ankle; heel. Customize the fit as you see fit – Teva has got your back!

Teva Original Universal


Since their inception in 1984, Teva Original Universal water sandals have managed to remain relevant and stylishly timeless. The unmistakable strapping system, diverse colors, and patterns ensure that these iconic shoes are the perfect choice for any outdoor occasion.


  • Quick-drying recycled materials, including plastic bottles, and polyester yarn.
  • The trademarked strapping system with adjustable options to secure your foot.
  • User-friendly hook-and-loop closure for easy use on and off. 


The EVA midsole of the Teva water sandal provides superior cushioning and support, minimizing foot fatigue while adjusting to your feet with heel cup straps. Stroll in comfort as these shoes guide you through a natural walking motion and offer some arch support along with Microban’s anti-odor treatment that ensures your sandals stay fragrant.

Teva Omnium 2


Teva water shoes are a combination of what you would find in sandals and sneakers, affording the best of both worlds.

They accommodate your feet’s unique shape since they come with multiple ways to secure them onto your feet.

Plus, the outsole is equipped with deep lugs for superior traction so that you always stay stable on wet surfaces.


  • Bungee cord, with velcro ankle strap and hook-and-loop strap with buckle closure, allows for a secure foot, and quick and easy adjustability.
  • Soft underfoot insole cushion.
  • Lightweight EVA-foam midsole for shock absorption.


The only downside to closed-style water shoes is that they can limit the drying process and make your feet prone to wetness.

This might not be ideal if you are going in and out of the water regularly, as it makes having dry feet difficult.

Teva Hurricane Drift


These flip-flops offer a wide fit for maximum coziness, featuring an EVA midsole.

They are light as air but protect regular footwear, and their simple-on/simple-off design makes them ideal for on-the-go lifestyles.

What’s more remarkable is that they won’t sink – if they fall off while walking in water or swimming, they will remain afloat.


  • Injection-molded EVA footbed that is super lightweight and comfortable.
  • Easy hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off.
  • Some arch support.


If you’re looking for outdoor shoes to tackle a more strenuous activity, these Teva water sandals are not the best choice.

With an impressive outsole boasting optimum traction, these may appear suitable; however, due to their lack of adjustable features that firmly secure your feet in place, it’s safe to say they can’t handle tough terrain.

Teva Zymic


By incorporating an increasing number of recyclable and recycled elements, Teva still provides unparalleled fit through adjustable straps as well as all-day comfort from its EVA midsole and foam footbed.


  • 20% recycled injection-molded EVA outsole that is super flexible and comfortable.
  • Wider outsole for more stability.
  • 30% recycled Max-Comf sole technology with dual density


The performance of these shoes in the water is simply outstanding. Its features allow it to be perfect for city walkers, beach-goers, and outdoor or extreme sports enthusiasts alike!

Teva Tanway


For those who seek to seamlessly blend in with nature, these Teva sandals are perfect for the job.

With a strong and comfortable design that provides superior traction on bumpy surfaces or slippery spaces, you can rest assured that your quality and comfort will not be compromised while experiencing nature’s greatest offerings.

It is equipped with two velcro watchbands to ensure maximum protection to prevent sandals from slipping off your feet.


  • Features a thick durable rubber sole with aggressive tread for excellent traction.
  • Upper is made from breathable quick-drying synthetic material.
  • Polyester straps are from recycled material.


Our Teva water shoes are ideal for any type of aquatic leisure activity or meandering strolls. They quickly evaporate moisture, while their adjustable straps guarantee a secure fit that safeguards against sprained ankles and mishaps.

With these great shoes, you can enjoy the outdoors with confidence!

Teva Tanway Leather


These sandals are designed to make your feet feel comfortable and secure. The EVA underfoot offers tremendous shock absorption, while the toned-down colors ensure that these shoes will match any outfit perfectly.

Additionally, their wide design accommodates wider feet with ease; three adjustable straps guarantee a snug fit on each foot regardless of size!


  • Made with waterproof leather upper.
  • Rubber soles for durability and deep lugs for excellent traction.
  • Single buckle and easy hook-and-loop closure for quick on and off.


Teva’s leather finish sandals are one of the most stylish and high-end options available.

Their upper layer and outsole can withstand water activities, but not constant submersion.

While their leather material dries faster than synthetic fabrics, it is recommended to use protective sprays or creams for maximum waterproofness.

Teva Strata Universal


Teva’s top-of-the-line hiking sandal is designed to make your outdoor experience one of a kind. Its ultra-lightweight Vibram sole offers unparalleled grip, while the three adjustable hook and loop straps ensure that you stay firmly rooted for every step along the way.

With Teva on your feet, you are sure to conquer any terrain.


  • Features water-ready, quick-drying synthetic upper.
  • A responsive footbed that cushions your feet.
  • Made with lightweight EVA-foam midsole that gives energy rebound.


Not only are they outstanding performers in the water, but all of their features provide exactly what is needed for a fantastic option when walking on city streets or being at the beach.

They also work well with everyday and extreme water sports. However, because they have an open-toe design, you must be mindful when selecting them for activities that would be better served by closed-toe footwear such as hikes through difficult terrains or environments like the Grand Canyon or Colorado river.

Teva Original Dorado


If you’re looking for a fashionable and comfortable option to wear when heading to the beach, then these retro-inspired Teva water sandals are your best bet.

With their EVA midsole and thick rubber sole, they give much-needed support while keeping up with current trends.

Plus, with their gladiator-style design, you’ll easily stand out from the crowd in this stylish pair of shoes.


  • Features quick-dry synthetic material with straps and yarn made from recycled plastic and materials.
  • Easy adjustable hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off.
  • Extra cushioning with the molded EVA midsole.


These shoes are designed with both arch support and a toe rocker to facilitate your natural walking motion.

Not only do they provide you with the utmost comfort, but the Teva footwear durability allows them to be used for more than just everyday activities; these shoes can even accompany you when swimming or transporting your boat from land to water.

Teva Flatform Universal


With a naughty hint of experimentation, I found that this item fits perfectly into the criteria of a water shoe. It’s composed with quick-drying material and has enough tread to make it great on wet surfaces – so no slipping or sliding around!


  • Features Teva’s trademarked universal Strapping System™ to secure the foot to the shoe.
  • Quick-drying synthetic uppers with eco-friendly yarn.
  • Easy hook-and-loop closure for easy use.


Despite the 2 1/2 inch heel that makes these shoes unsafe for water sports, they are ideal to take on a journey.

Since they are lightweight and fashionable, you can wear them by the pool or while exploring town without any worries of twisting your ankle due to their higher center of gravity when walking on uneven terrain.

Teva Forebay


If you’re looking for the ultimate comfort and weightlessness in a sandal, then this Teva model may be just what outdoor enthusiasts need for their day hikes. Plus, its fast-drying capability and superior traction on slippery surfaces make it an ideal choice when traversing wetter terrain.


  • Astonishingly plush sandal
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-dry
  • Excellent when traversing


By interacting with each other, these components provide a cushioning effect to the user’s every stride while attenuating shock from various ground conditions.

The sandal’s footbed is configured to offer arch support and plush comfort as well, enhanced by its Microban treatment which lessens smelly microbes on your outdoor adventures.


Teva Sandals have come a long way in providing comfort, durability, and style for outdoor activities.

Whether you’re looking for water shoes or outdoor sandals, or hiking boots. There are plenty of options to choose from that will fit your needs perfectly.

With the right pair of Teva sandals on your feet, you can take on any terrain without fear of slipping or having to compromise on style.

Teva has been ethical in producing its shoes as well, working in a highly sustainable fashion to ensure future generations still have shoes to walk with.

So go out and enjoy your next adventure with Teva sandals! You won’t regret it.

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